my dreaming life

Sweety!!!!!!!!! wake up!!! Frost didn’t wake up. After 2 minutes, she woke up. But then my brother, Fro , rushed into the bathroom first to take a shower. So, I had to wait because my mom was using the other bathroom to take a shower. When my brother was done taking a shower, Frost went inside the shower. ”Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ”, she shouted. Fro had taken all of the hot water. I had to struggle in the cold water. Then, when I was ready and dressed to go to school, my brother gave me and my mom a huge headache while my mom was driving. ”Stop stop stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”, I said. He started to sing this ‘o’ song. It goes like this: o- o- o-00 o-o-o 00 mmmmmmmmmmmmm smssmmssmmssm.00000.” I kind of liked  it”,  I whispered. I started to sing it, too.  Poor mom!  I felt bad for her. I had to do something. I did something…”Well, I  really didn’t do it”, I said. All that happened was that my mom told us, “Be quiet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”  We had reached the school by now. Then, at recess, we saw a  super hero flying in the air. The super hero landed on the grass field. He said “Hi, I am Cam, the super hero. I want to see the manager of this school”. ”You  mean   Mrs. Feather’s ?”, I asked. “Yes, I want to see Mrs. Feather’s”, Cam replied. Cam couldn’t find Mrs. Feather’s. So, he just made an announcement to the teachers. He said, “there is something really bad going on. Mative is back to destroy ‘this school like he did in 1921.But Synapse had won and Mative was never seen again. Thats why I am warning you kids. Stay safe kids and I will be back tomorrow”. He flew away. “I know I don’t want to do this but……………………………………… I am going to need to have no school till Synapse is safe”, said Mrs. Feathers, “I will need Frost to stay with us for a few minutes. Everybody else can go”.  “Do you know anybody who knows a lot about time machines?”, Mrs. Feather’s asked me. “Well, there is this man who sells time machines”, Frost replied. “Great!, where is he”,  asked Mrs. Feathers. “In China”, I said. “We can go on an airplane, but Mrs. Feathers!, what are we going to do with a time machine?”, I asked. “I will tell you once we get one”, Mrs. Feathers replied.  The very next day, Mrs. Feathers sent out emails about the trip to China. The whole school was going on a field trip to China. The next day, the whole school was buckled up on planes. They were ready to fly!!!!!!  It was so uncomfortable for me to sleep. I wish I had my own space. When I woke up, I found the plane food to be horrible  The orange  juice  was in a plastic bowl. How am I supposed to drink orange juice in a bowl? I picked up the bowl when the plane was about to land. The plane slanted and the orange juice fell all over me. I felt so cold brrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Then, it was time to go in to the hotel, which was amazing, My roommate was a girl. For some reason, she wouldn’t tell her name to me. All the teachers had to wake up us up at 3:00 in the morning. We looked around all day for the guy who sells time machines. Then my room mate found a newspaper. An advertisement said, “looking for a time machine? I am here to serve you. I am in Shanghai”.  Thats where our hotel was. my room mate said I kept on reading on mens street. So that means this ti machine shop is in sheng hi on mens street. I told Mrs. Feathers about this. She told me that that  shop is on the same street as our hotel is on. We started to head back to mens street. When we were there Cam had landed right next to me. How is it going he asked oh its going great. I have to warn you mative can pull tricks on you. SO beware. I have got a i on you which means that I am going to see if you are ok. Bye kids HE had flew away. We had checked the whole street finally we found the ti machine. Mrs. Feathers told me that we need a tie machine to go back in time and see how the synapse students in 1921 had made mative  be never seen a again. So we can see what they did. So we could do that too. We all went inside the shop, we had seen all of the ti machines then Mrs. Feather’s had found 1 that said back to  1921 see mative and  the others  300 dollers Mrs. Feather’s  only had 200 dollars but every body had 1 dollar so every body gave  there 1 dollar to Mrs. Feather’s .When we had bought it we tried to fit almost every one on the tie  machine  it kind of   worked. ppphhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhsssssssssssssssssssss boom we were in 1921 it turned out to be that every student in synapse in 1921 had a hair blower blowing mative away and mative  was a ghost. I was intrested in this synapse school living in 1921 I had saw that the other Frost that was living in 1921 had a big book of everything instead of a computer. It was crazy. Then I asked Mrs. Feather’s if we could go inside the there school see the what it looked liked ? I asked she had said ”yes but only if every body follows me and does exactly what i do because we don’t want Mative to see us”, We sneakily tip toed to the school and opened the door then we had wanted to see the library first when we had found where the library was  we went ad saw that there where no fiction  books at all . I wonder what the children read I said to myself. Then it was time to see the classrooms but then Frost started to get a little hungry so we went to the cafeteiria instead of   the classrooms when we entered the cafeteria  there was a realy big apple tree growing  from a little tiny pot and next to was a sign    that had said pick on at a time it said in in a very fancy writing like in the fairy tale books  that are in 2013 not 1921 . I really wanted to pick an apple from the apple tree . When I was just about too pick an apple Mrs. Feather’s said time too go back to the tie machine. When we got there I was about too tell Mrs. Feather’s if  we could quickly get a apple from the apple tree But it was too late,  Mrs. Feathers  pressed the button  back to china in 2013. Now when we were back every body had  got hair blowers in case of mative. Mative was hiding  behind a tree and watching them  and hearing them .   He new exactly what they are doing. But mative  did not want to fight yet . He was going to play  some tricks first. I am so hot !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish there was a  ice cream truck around. I said  Mative was hearing me from behind the tree he magically turned his ghost car into a ice cream truck that was very addicting because on the fake ice cream truck it said  1  ice cream is 1 cent. Mative had went inside  his fake ice cream truck and had drove write in front of me. I was so tempted to go to the the truck. But then another ice cream truck came and that ice cream truck was even more tempting because the second truck had some thing even better written on it it had said take as many as you want because we have free ice cream!!!!! So I went to the other ice cream truck that said Free ice cream, I  heard  something with my wonderful ears , I told Mrs. Feather’s about it, she said that’s it’s Mative . ”He’s just playing some tricks Mrs. Feather’s told me”, Well we have got to find him and blow him away with this epic blizzard blow hair blower that I am have in my hands . Mative was in the ice cram truck thinking that what other trick can I do to fool these pesty little kids. He   finally gave  up  with the tricks, so it was time for Mative too fight!!!!!!!!! dunt dunt duuuunt !!!!! The very next day we had went out side with the blizzard blow hair blower waiting for Mative to come near and fight with us. After a while we had seen him he was as tall as  the eifel tower and was had a very long bierd that led all the way to the ground he had a big hand and in his hand was  a big ball of magic and then he said scord and the big ball of magic that was in his hand had turned into a sword he was ready too fight, But before he had cut us into little pieces I had pushed the button that was on the hair blower to put it on ,the that big beast was blown away, we all cheared has he did we had the best time ever in china. But sadly we had to  leave and fly back where  we came . When we reached America  we where so happy too go to school again, after a few days of school we all decided to celebrate with each other and with our family. We wish we could start a new journey just like this.

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