I wish i was there

Hey, I wrote this  story when I was very small: I wish I was there, and would like to to show it to you guys. Please don’t mind my typos or mistakes. It might be a little confusing and wierd like, but please let me know your thoughts about it!


Woof, woof! Parry slowly got out of her bed and said, “sit boy sit” Opup sat down. In the clouds where she lived, there were no alarm clocks. So, Parry would use Opup instead. She walked into the restroom and put a little bit of Colgate on her toothbrush. She brushed her teeth until it was time to step up into her cloud and take a bath (The cloud is basically a bathtub because clouds are made out of water and its like a floating tub in the sky above her home). When she was done taking a bath, she got dressed into a half-sleeve shirt that went up to her chest, and attached to her shirt were some feathers that extended to her knees. She would always go out to the Cloud edge and always sing to herself, “there’s a place down there, there’s a place down there, where everything, everything is neat there, on land” (repeat). She had always wanted to go to the land beneath Sunnyville. She lived in Wave Vale, which was a little far up from the earth. She would just have to cross the Ferret bridge and then jump down from a cloud on the edge of to Sunnyville earth from Wave vale, but the hardest part was crossing the Ferret bridge and jumping off of Sunnyville. Anyway, she had no idea what to do but she really wanted to go down to earth. She went back to the Cloud edge and lied down on the soft yellow flowers that smelled like buttermilk pancakes. She looked up at the sky and sang her song. She was really feeling bad because she really really with-a-cherry-on-top wanted to go to earth and explore every single piece of land. It was getting dark and she was about to leave. On her way home, she was very angry about not being able to go down to earth. That’s when she saw her friend Potrea walking towards her while she was walking towards Potrea. Potrea met her and told her that there’s a problem. Portia’s mom had gotten run over by a car and was in the hospital. She felt so bad for Potrea. “It’s OK Potrea. I have huge problem, too.  I want to go to Earth”, said Parry. “Well it will be OK”, responded Potrea. “Well, it was nice meeting you”, Potrea said to Parry. “Hope your mom feels better, bye!”, said Parry. “Bye”, said Potrea. Parry kept on walking towards her home. Then, suddenly, she got an idea. “Well, I  know I can’t go, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try”, she thought. She decided that she was going to cross the Ferret bridge and go all the way to the other edge of Sunnyville, and try to jump down and take a chance. Soon, she reached her home, went to the front porch and rang the doorbell, ”ding dong”. Parry’s mom opened the door and asked Parry to change into her nighty and come down for dinner. Parry ran upstairs and quickly put her nighty on, and ran all the the way to the dining table. Her nighty had her home pictured in a cloud above Earth. She loved her nighty!!! “Whats for dinner?”, asked Parry. “There’re duck, rice and vegetables, said Parry’s mom. “OH NO!”, shouted Harry. “Its ok dad!, its just duck”. Harry, Parry’s dad, was a vegetarian and was afraid of eating meat. After everyone was done, Parry was so stuffed that she walked wobbly upstairs. She went through her room into the bathroom. It took her ten minutes to brush her teeth and to get all the duck out that was stuck in her teeth. When she was done, she realized that she had to tell her parents that she was planning to go to Sunnyville across the Ferret bridge and jump off.  She decided to stand up for herself and tell her parents about it no matter what they say! She went into her parents’ room and said, ‘’dad! mom! I was hoping if I could go  to Sunnyville tomorrow and see if I can jump off. ‘’Everyone knows that it’s impossible to jump off a cloud and land on Earth’’ said Parry’s mom. ‘’Can I try jumping off the Cloud edge instead?”, Parry. NO!!!!!!!! It’s too risky either way. ‘But Mom!”. ‘’No buts’’, said Parry’s mom. Parry slowly walked into her room and was very sad, with her head facing down. She walked into her room and put her layers of sheets and blankets on. She decided to not worry about it now. She said goodnight to her parents and went to sleep. HAAAAAAW, Parry yawned and got out of her bed and realized that Opup was  sleeping peacefully on his little pouf. She walked into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. ‘’Oh dear, ha ha ha ha ha ha”, Parry laughed because she had messy hair. She took off her clothes and went into the tub. She saw a brand new bottle of body wash. She squeezed a little bit of body wash in her hand and drained herself with water. Then she applied body wash, scrubbed her body, and washed herself with water one more time. She turned the tap off and wrapped her flower { A flower would be a  towel because they didn’t produce the material to make towels in the clouds} around her.  She went into her room and changed. Right then, her mom came into her room and whispered something in her ears. “YES!!!!!!!!!’’, shouted Parry. She jumped up and down all day long. She was so happy that she forgot about the part when she has to get ready to go out. The next morning she got her backpack and put her knife inside, just in case someone kidnaps her, she could use her knife to cut their bag open if she’s trapped in a bag. A rope for emergencies, a folded mini home to unfold and live in it with extra food inside, a little bit of money for fresh goods and snacks on the way, a water bottle, an umbrella in case it rains or it gets hot, a jacket and a raincoat for windy weather, sunglasses and sunscreen, a compass and a map of the clouds. After getting all her stuff inside her bag, she started to brush her teeth and take a shower. When she came out of the tub, she looked as shiny and sparkly as a diamond reflecting in the sun. She wore her feathered dress and got her bag. She wore her belly shoes with little pompoms on top of them. She combed her white beautiful short silky hair. Then she gave a kiss to her mom and her dad, and said ‘’bye’’ to Opup and her family. She grabbed her bag and said bye one more time. She grabbed her map and started to head off with lots of excitement. On her way she saw a big meadow with long redwood trees in the corners. It had bees buzzing, hummingbirds humming and the wonderful sound of the little raindrops dripping down from the clouds. She decided to sit under one of the Redwood trees with her umbrella. So she went near a long quiet tree and hid under the long leaves that were sticking out. She got her umbrella out and let it lean on the moist bark of the tree so that she doesn’t have to hold it. She carefully listened to the rain getting furiously stronger. ‘’Guess its  a little dry in here’’, said Parry. She decided to take out her map. Looking at her map, she realized that she is in Meadows State, which is the name of the meadow she’s in. ‘’The Ferret Bridge is four miles from Meadows State’’, Parry read in a big gasp. Parry decided to take a little nap until the rain stops. She closed her eyes gently and went to sleep. When she woke up, it was sprinkling for a while, but then she saw the sun come up slightly and she saw the last sprinkle of water touch the sun. Then boom came a rainbow flashing and reflecting on the sun. Parry slowly walked out of the tree and felt the sun shine on her arms. Parry opened up her arms and felt the breeze flow through her body. She loved the meadows and parks! She looked at the map and realized that she has to move half a mile north. She took her compass and started walking north. Then, she saw a snack store, where she got some crunchy delicious chips to eat. She took out her water bottle and drank some water. ‘’So refreshing’’, she said to herself. She started to head out for the north. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh! The cold wind blew! Parry grabbed her jacket and while she was grabbing her  jacket, her map flew away!!!!!! Parry realized soon and started running after it.  It was very crowded and Parry had to squeeze through all the people  to get to her map. Soon, she saw a lake and her map was heading for it she ran and ran as fast as she could. The map was so close to the water. Parry saw a hill and beneath it was the lake. She ran down the mountain and she caught her map just at the moment where it was just an inch away from the water. While grabbing the map, she lost her balance and SPLASH!! She fell into the water!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She shivered and slowly walked out of the water into a cave. She checked if she had an extra pair of clothes, but she couldn’t find anything. All she had were a raincoat and her jackets. She took off her feathered dress and and let it dry in the sun for a while. Till then, she wore her own jacket so that she doesn’t feel cold. Later, she wore her feathered dress and got out of the tiny cave. Then, she looked at her map and found that it was soaking wet!!!!!!!!!!! She dried her map outside and then she looked at her compass. She figured that if she walks half a mile, she will reach the Lake Mountain. She looked around to check if there’s a sign somewhere that said Lake Mountain. Then she looked at a mountain and on top of the mountain, there were some letters carved inside rocks that bore the name Lake Mountain. ‘’Then the Ferret bridge must be behind that mountain’,’ said Parry. She walked up the mountain, she saw a really long bridge and as she looked down, she felt really scared because there was water below the bridge. She took a deep breath and started to walk on the bridge when one of her steps fell off and Parry was standing on top of it. The bridge started shaking while Parry was holding on to the side bar as tight as she could. Suddenly the step her foot was on fell off and landed in the water, and Parry was hanging down from the bridge. She grabbed the other bar and climbed the next step. But again the whole bridge started shaking. Parry realized that if she put her weight on this bridge, it would break. Parry decided to run instead. When she went across the bridge, the whole bridge shaked and fell into the water. Then, Parry turned around and saw a really big factory behind her, which read Sunnyville. There she saw everyone dancing, playing, eating, and having fun. There was really a big city, with cars, houses and lawns all around. Last but not the least, the sun looked really big and the air smelled moist, with shades of orange and yellow. The buildings smelled like a brand new piece of cloth. Then, Parry checked her map and found that the edge of Sunnyville should be behind the big sign that reads Sunnyville. She started to skip happily to the other side. When she reached, she saw Earth!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! She went to the very edge of the cloud and took her umbrella and counted to three. ‘’One, two, and three‘,’ counted Parry. Parry jumped and she started to fly down to Earth and just about when she was an inch away from the Earth, she zoomed backwards and ended up in Wave Vale in front of her own home. She rang the doorbell. Her mom opened the door and gave her a big hug. ‘’How are you?’’, asked Parry’s mom. ‘’Bad’’, replied Parry. ‘’What happened?”, asked Parry’s mom. So Parry told her mom about what happened on her adventure. ‘’Well there is some good news that I can share with you’’, said Parry’s mom. ‘’Ok, what is it?”, asked Parry. ‘’Tomorrow’s your birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!’’, Parry’s mom replied in excitement. ‘’Really!!’’, said Parry. ‘’Now why don’t you take a bath and come down for dinner’’, said Parry’s mom. Parry went upstairs, brushed her teeth, and took a relaxing bath. She changed into her nighty and came down for dinner. When she was done with her carrots and lemon rice, she went upstairs and went to sleep. When she woke up her mom came upstairs with a cake in her hand. It had strawberries at the bottom and on the top. It had a delicious looking strawberry frosting with strawberry syrup on top with her name carved in the middle with tiny strawberry chocolates on the top. ‘’HAPPY BIRTHDAY SWEETHEART!!!!!!!!’’, said Parry’s mom. ‘’Thank you so much’’, said Parry. ‘’Did you make this cake?’’, asked  Parry. ‘’’YES I DID, BIRTHDAY GIRL’’, said Parry’s mom.  ‘’Now lets sing happy birthday to you downstairs’’, suggested Parry’s mom. So all of us went downstairs and sang happy birthday song for me. ‘’Come on, don’t be shy Parry, make a wish’’, said Parry’s mom. ‘’I wish I could visit Earth’’, wished Parry. Then, as she opened her eyes, she saw that she was in her bed like before but her room looked so different. It had clouds on it instead of the Earth. Her bed looked more stylish than before. ‘’Wake up pumpkin’’, called Parry’s mom. What the!!, my mom at doesn’t sound like this and she doesn’t call me pumpkin. Parry woke up and went outside but saw no clouds. There was just plain ground, which was also bumpier than before. Then, she looked to see if Opup was outside. He wasn’t there, so she checked if her mom looked the same as before. She went into the kitchen to check. Her mom didn’t look like before. There was only one explanation: Parry was on Earth and things were not going well so far. ‘’Come on pumpkin’’, said Parry’s fake mom’’. Lets go and eat outside’’, asked Parry’s fake mom. ‘’OK, where are we eating, ‘asked Parry. Your favorite place, Hamburger Heaven. “Uh, can we just eat at home instead mom”. ‘’OK, if you say so’’, said Parry’s fake mom. “What do you want?”. “Can I have nothing for now”. “Hey sweet heart come over here”, said parrys fake dad. “You want to play cards?”. “No thanks!”. Parry went into her bedroom and really hated why she was on Earth.  Parry slided into her bed and started crying, blaming herself for making such a wish. ‘’Now, now don’t cry what’s the problem’’, asked Parry’s fake mom. ‘’What do you do when you tried something that you’ve always wanted to do, but realized that you have made a horrible choice?’’, asked Parry. “Well, I’d just be grateful for what  I  have got in my life, then I take a deep breath and then I pray to god and just say thank you”, Parry’s fake mom said. ‘’Thank You’’, replied Parry. ‘’oh you’re welcome pumpkin’’ said Parry’s fake mom. ‘’Well it’s getting late, so you better go to sleep now’’, said Parry’s fake mom. ‘’Goodnight’’, said Parry. ‘’GN’’, said Parry’s fake mom. When Parry’s fake mom left, Parry closed her eyes and prayed to God and expressed her feelings to God and then Parry went to sleep. When she woke up again, her room looked the same as when she was in the clouds. She then hugged her parents and they all cut Parrys cake, and when it was time for Parry to blow her candle, all she said was thank you. ‘’NOW LETS PARTY!’’, said Parry. After that, there were fireworks and dance. ‘’Cha Cha Cha cha cha cha cha !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and so on the story went aon with Parry and her family exploring loving and caring for each other. Parry learned a lesson, which is to be grateful; she may still have a dream left in her heart waiting to be shown to her and the world. She also learnt that she should think twice before wishing for something. She might just get it.

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