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We all know how strong and powerful these falls are, but has anyone thought how it helps us? We know how many daredevils have died in Niagara Falls, but some people have lived! How come? If it’s so powerful, why doesn’t it decide to use its strength to be nice and do kind things? Maybe it does? Does it protect us? If so, does it in a mysterious way?

Here’s a poem that I wrote about it:

A Niagara Experience

By: Bhavi

I heard of Niagara calls,

I heard of its falls,

But did not know the true meaning of them,

Tis not true that all a gem,

but when I saw the mist and the rushing of Niagara,

I saw the flow richer than Cleopatra,

I felt the frosty wind blow against me,

I still see,

The Niagara grace,

A smile across my face,

Maybe maid in the mist makes the Niagara gist,

Tis a legend of spice,

Known for its sacrifice,

Though a lady in a barrel,

Though a boy flowing through the falls ,

It has its own carol,

And it’s own protection walls,

I now knew that Niagara falls is truly a mystery,


With its own history.



Stay tuned this week, and comment on what you like in nature and your feelings about it!








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