Niagara Daredevils!

In my last post, I wrote a little about the overview of daredevils. And thinking of how exciting the topic is, I decided to write about the most famous ones and their amazing experiences. Many have lived, and died. And when I was there right in front of those falls I was mesmerized by its energy. No wonder why people have wanted to jump right off! I went home and couldn’t stop thinking about the salty spray  of the falls showering my face when we went on the “Maid and the Mist” boat ride.





Go check out the sources above that can also help give you some information about the ride!


Daredevil #1: Annie Taylor

Annie Taylor was a school teacher and began her famous history of being the first Daredevil of Niagara Falls when she was reading thePan-American Exposition. This article showed how popular these falls were and decided to earn some cash. She wanted fame and popularity. And not just earn money but risk her whole life to get it. Her idea was to plunge down the Niagara Falls. Now we are talking Niagara Falls! The water goes down at 6 million cubic ft. every minute! Obviously, she wouldn’t go freely and dive into these falls, she would go in a barrel. Annie Taylor was the first person to go in a barrel over the falls. She didn’t get the fortune she wanted but survived with her pet cats beside her the whole time!







Daredevil #2: Emile Blondin

He tight-roped a 1,100 ft long and 2-inch thick tightrope across the rapid lakes of Niagara. He was just 160 ft above the dangerous currents that lead to the fall. He only had a long stick and his tough toes to help him survive a deep fall off Niagara. If someone is taking on a challenge, of course, there had to be people watching. And there were, about 5,000 spectators. Talk about pressure!





Daredevil #3: Robert Overcracker

Robert Overcracker was a man to jet ski over Niagara Falls. He launched himself off the Crestline and was planning to rocket a parachute to bring himself to a safe landing on the lakes below. Apparently, Robert forgot to attach the parachute to himself, and realized it when his parachute dropped straight to the ground. In just a second, Robert met his doom and plummeted to the lakes below.

Guess what! This dare happened in 1995, so there was a camera with color!



Hope you all liked a little fun history on Niagara daredevils!

Stay tuned this week and comment on an exciting adventure you’ve been on!




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