Palace Hotel in SF!


Palace Hotel: A week for relaxation, and your day of being the princess you’ve dreamed of since you were a little girl. High ceilings and a refreshing aroma for your perfect day. I went to this hotel on my birthday and loved its convenience. The BART station is right in front of the hotel, and so is your favorite chocolate shop, Ghirardelli for a cooling  vanilla milkshake. It’s also close to a fun park called Yerba Buena!


Here are some pictures of me on my B-Day:

Chocolate is chocolate, and couldn’t be better!

Photo on 3-28-16 at 7.27 PM.jpg

We also went to Yerba Buena and had a blast!


There’s a waterfall!IMG_5972

A fun creativity center, a bowling alley, and an ice skating rink! What could be better?!

Oh, I know! A fun mary go round for the children(including me!)


To top it all off, my mother made her homemade chocolate cake which we cut and ate as a family!


You should definitely try out the palace hotel because of it’s convenience and lovely location!

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