Just like the baby you, you need your sleep. What’s the matter! All you have to do is go to bed at the right time! Are you having stressful nights? Too many exams or too much work?

Try to set up a routine! Maybe like the one you had as a kid, one that might help you relax your way to bed. Maybe take a bath at 9:00 o’ clock? Read a book at 9:30? And go to sleep at 10:00?

Sometimes routines don’t necessarily work for us. We just have to finish some assignment or chore before we go to bed! And maybe it’s something that we’re taking on to the last minute. In that case, switch your laptop and phone off and don’t be a procrastinator.  Finish your work early. Or is it another situation?

Even if you go to bed at 12:00 pm, you’ll still need about 7 or 8 hrs of sleep! So, take your own time and wake up at 7. Now what? Need time for breakfast, hair, makeup, and an outfit? And that too, in 1/2 an hour!

Ok, let’s see! 1o min for breakfast! Maybe a yogurt with some fruits! Put it in the freezer the day before? And since you got a great sleep, you’ll do better in the morning than you think you’ll do.

Now the trick for your hair, makeup, and so, are organization skills. Organize your tools accordingly to the order you put them on. And for your outfit, pick it out the day before.

Hope these tips have helped you! Good night, and happy dreams!

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